Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My new doll's (I don't wanna call her Barbie...so she needs a new name?!?!?!?) lips bugged me every time I looked at them. They just looked overdone. Like she missed the outline of her lips when she put her lipstick on. So I researched repainting dolls. Found some great articles and figured "Hey I can do this...it's just lips!" Well let me tell you, the first problem I had was getting the factory paint OFF! Every thing I read said that Barbie's have some of the easiest paint to remove. Acetone nail polish remover will work. Yeah well my gal must've plastered the pink on! It took me FOREVER to get most of it off. And wouldn't it just figure that the spots that bothered me the most were the most difficult to remove!!!! BUT I eventually got it off enough where I had a 'clean slate' to work with. Although she will eventually get new clothes the berry color I chose for her looks fabulous with her dress. (and it's very similar to a color I myself wear!) While I was at it she cut a manicure too with a shade that matches her lips. She got a layer of shimmer on her nails and some gloss for shine on her lips. I also added a drop of dimensional gloss to her pupils for a little more realism.

I am debating on re-wigging her...Her hair bugs me too as there is not nearly as much hair on her as I seem to recall on my childhood Barbies. Her scalp is painted to match her hair, and the rows of rooted hair are almost a 1/4 of an inch apart. So I am pondering creating interchangeable viscose wigs for her...OR...I could research a bit more and then consider actually re-rooting her! BUT for now I pulled her hair back into a half-french braid. (which shows of the low-lights from the factory) I will probably live with her like this for a while as the wigging issue is something I will need to think long and hard about.

Still searching for a male figure to join her, found several that I really really like but can not justify spending between $30 & $50 dollars for...especially since the fellas are nekkid!!! So next week I will peruse the toy aisle and check out the 12 inch GI Joe figures...maybe I can find one that will suit her. :-) (BTW I really am open to suggestions on names for her!)


  1. Look at Kerri Pajutee's re-done Barbie's on her Facebook page! Amazing! There is something they call that--re-doing the Barbies, isn't there? As for me, I have resolved to actually use my kiln more and have ordered Set #2 of the Belly Button Babies from Cynthia Howe and she assures me I can manage to see to paint those tiny little faces! We'll see!


  2. Peach - you're right, it has a name. People do it to My Little Pony too. I see them all the time on Deviant Art. Refurbishing maybe ... it escapes me.
    Nice job with the lips btw, I'd never thought about re-doing a Barbie's faceup.
    And, I don't know why but Brenda is the name that popped into my head when I first saw her. You may hate it but I'm telling you anyway :)

  3. You know gals...there is a word for it, but for the life of me I can't think of what it is! lol
    Thanks for the compliments on her lips...the original ones just bugged and and I figured if I can paint a 1/12th scale face I can repaint her lips! (Although I have noticed a couple of spots that I want to touch up! LOL) After that I won't touch her face. I'm very happy with her eyes the way they are.
    Brenda....hmmm I like it...You said Brenda and my brain went Bren...Bren...Bren...so thank you for the inspiration! =D

  4. Is the word customizing? That's what they call it in the Blythe world :)

    If you decide to reroot there's a great site called dollyhair.com. They have a great selection of nylon and saran hair in so many pretty colors!!

  5. You know Melly I think it is just Customizing...isn't it funny how the simplest word canseem wrong when your brain is convinved there is a technical term! LOL

    oh my gawd MELLY...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!! dollyhair.com is amazing!!!! AND they sell premade wigs that are pretty affordable! Thank, thanks a lot. (said sarcastically as my pocketbook SCREAMS!!!! lol) ;-)

  6. I was thinking refurbishing HA !

  7. LOL well that works too! Although I think they use THAT when they talk about restoring a doll to look factory new.
    hmmm how's about CHANGING! LOL ;-)


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