Friday, April 9, 2010

It's been a long week!

Sorry I haven't been posting, then again I haven't really been doing anything these last few days so there really isn't much to tell. (although I have finished 3 books, but will post about them later)

Monday morning I woke up ready and raring to start getting all my craft supplies sorted and put away...I MISS CRAFTING SOOOOO MUCH!!!! And what happens? Yep I hurt myself, I pulled a muscle in my lower back somehow. grrrrrrrr So it's been muscle rub, massages and Motrin all week. I felt really good yesterday, spent the day photographing some jewelry making books and magazines I plan to list for sale. (curious? shoot me an email! =D) So last night when hubs and I went to bed I forgot to have him give me my massage and muscle rub. Yeppers guess who's real sore again today? I hate this I really do! So it's back to massage, cream and a hot soak in a bit. Hopefully by next week I'll be feeling better and can start getting this craft area organized. I want to rent a booth at a show in May, but need to be able to get some stock made up.

Some of you already know, but for those who don't my husband is heading out Monday for another tour in the Middle East. This will make his 4th in the last 7 years. He will be gone for a year. (This is another reason I haven't done anything!) We are just kinda hanging out and enjoying having him here with us. It's been kinda nice that the boys were home for Easter break this week too. I imagine over the next year I will be posting alot more as well as crafting a lot more too, as I don't sleep real well when he is gone. So hopefully once my back settles down I can knock out the re-org of my craft area and get back into sculpting and mini-making real quick.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. =D (btw that is my hubby in the pic, it was taken in October of 08 in northern Alabama where he and I went on vacation!)


  1. Boo your back!! Maybe a bubble bath would be perfect! Here is the link to the bubble bars

    LUSH is wonderful!! And good for you -all natural!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. I hope your back feels better really soon and I will keep your hubby in my prayers for a safe deployment and a fast return to you! I don't sleep well when my hubby is gone either :( A big thank you to him and to you and your boys too for the sacrifices you all make for us. Can't wait to see what books you've been reading!

  3. Becky thanks for the link to Lush! Their products look AWESOME!!! No store in my area for sniff tests, but saw lots of fragrances that sounded awesome. Will definitely be picking some up to try out! Thanks. =D
    Kim, thank you, prayers are always welcome! Book posts coming up soon.:-)

  4. Oh, when your back hurts there is nothing worse! It's attached to everything. :( So sorry dear, I hope it heals up real soon for you.

    I remember reading about your hubby going back.
    Please tell him from me, thank you for serving our country so well. :)

    I appreciate the sacrifices he makes as well as those you and your children make in his absence.

    Being in the military is a very honorable profession.

  5. ps. I'm glad you got some good family time together before he leaves, albeit you had a sore back.

  6. Dale I feel SOOOO much better now that I've had a soak in a nice steamy bath. (yeppers Becky, it made me feel tons better...of course yummy scented bubbles woulda been even better, but I had to work with what I had or didn't have as the case was. lol)
    We both appreciate your comments, they really do mean alot to us. We have decided come heck or high water we are going out as a family to do...something! And then to lunch at a favorite asain buffet. yummy! A year is a long time, but with all my good friends here in blogland I know you guys will help me pass the time...and I truly appreciate each and every one of you! {{{HUGS}}}

  7. Deb, just remember those feelings are exponential. :)

    I may not always be in blog land, but contact me anytime I'll keep you from being bored with silly conversation and will give you plenty of hugs along the way.

    Enjoy your day! You deserve it. :)

  8. Hope you have a great weekend and your back is better real soon. Will be praying for you and your hubby. Tell him "thanks" again for his service to our country!

  9. Thanks Kathi, I am definitely feeling much better today, so that's a plus. We are taking the kiddos out for dinner's something we don't do very often, but it'll be lots of fun.
    Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated! I'll be sure to pass on your Thanks too! =D

  10. Hope you are feeling better and again - I'll be praying for your husband ... he has my utmost thanks!

  11. Thanks back is back to normal again (thank goodness!!!) And thank YOU for your prayers, they are always welcome! =D

  12. Dear Deborah,
    Always I remember the raindrop project and follow your blog. just wanted to show my appreciation for your kindness and support. Now more than anytime before I know that I've been blessed for being in the U.S. and a part of this society.

  13. Thank you Maryam! I am happy I was able to help out! One of these days I will actually get around to making some of the gorgeous ADC flowers!


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