Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bren's Kitchen

So I ordered and recieved this before we went on vacation...Bren LOVES the pots and pans and dishes, although she's not quite so sure about the stove's a bit low. We haven't decided if we are going to raise it up or just build one from scratch?

I also ordered the lot of assorted accessories...the Mrs. Potts teapot is certainly my favorite piece! I wish Chip had been in the lot too! :-( BUT there are tons of neato accessories, including loads of bottles, that I hope to make molds of and make additional resin bottles. Have fun looking! =D


  1. oh what fun sorting through it all !!!

  2. Ban it WAS loads of fun sorting through it...I am looking forward to playing with it all and picking up some model paints to paint in details on some of the pieces. (wish we hadn't thrown hubby's out when he decided he was done with models!!! grrr)
    D.R. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney Mrs. Potts isn't going anywhere!!! =D


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