Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here on Post we celebrate 4th of July the weekend before. So we took the kiddos out to watch the fireworks last night! Me...I LOVE them...the sight, the sound, even the smell!(when you are close enough)

Next year I am taking my tripod, but even with out it I got some fantastic I thought I'd share a little 4th of July magic with y'all! Enjoy!!!


  1. Great shots! I take to long to focus the camera that I would have missed all those shots. We celebrate Canada day on the 1st and there were a few people lighting fireworks on the weekend but nothing like that.

  2. oooo, i esp like the first one ! we go upstate for the 4th and the local town up there holds a GREAT show by the overlook. (best view of the adirondack high peaks) you lie down on the grass and they explode right over your head.

  3. Thanks ladies...I would like to read through my manual to see if it's possible to keep the shutter get those great artsy 'action' shots. I need to sit down and really read through the manual and try to figure out how my camera works.
    I wish there were more occasions that we used fireworks...or that we lived closer to Disney World! LOL (they do 'em every night! :-D )
    Ban, that location sounds truly amazing for fireworks...enjoy your 4th!


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