Wednesday, June 10, 2009

no pics today. :-(

But boy oh boy was I busy...I have been planning to rearrange my dining room for well I think almost a week now...I keep getting distracted by this wonderful laptop and all the wonderful things to find on the internet. Well today I finally said "Get to work!" and stayed off the laptop for a bit.
So into my dining room I went...I turned my kitchen table around and shifted my computer armoire and little filing cabinet. Oh and my bookshelf too. My 8 foot craft table is now up and along my front windows, next to it is a small bookshelf where my polymer clay books will go, then my Armoire is next. Since we are no longer using the computer in it, this will be one of 3 cabinets filled with my craft supplies. I have a small double stacked shelf that sits on the corner of my table, my embossing powders, pearl powders and other small "tackle-style" boxes sit in it. I still have loads more work to do to get my crafting area set up and ready to be worked in...but I have FINALLY gotten started! So I am a happy girl!

And you know what I think I will share a picture after all...this one is from my most recent photo session. :-) Enjoy!

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