Thursday, June 4, 2009

Soggy Thursday

Well it's raining yet again here...the days of sunshine were lovely! So I have spent the last 2 days sorting and repacking beading supplies. I have over half of the items repacked and ready to go to their proper homes. Thankfully there have only been a couple small snafus. (wish there wasn't any, but I suppose it was kind of inevitable with such a huge order)
I apologize for not posting an artist of the week this week, I have an email out to my planned featured artist, so it may yet still happen. If not this week I will make up for it next week.
I really wanna play with my clay but have got to get these supplies squared away first...and I am boycotting them right now, I'm going cross-eyed looking at 'em! But I'll get back to them shortly...that way I can rearrange my dining room to allow for my craft table to be set yeah it'll probably be next week before I actually get any claying done...but I have some great ideas in my head ready to work on.


  1. We can not wait for all the goodies to show up at our door, thanks for all the hard work !

  2. My pleasure's been, um, well interesting is a good word for it! LOL


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