Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Fire Mountain Experience Continues

Today was a huge mail day! A week ago I placed an 800-item order with them. 3 boxes, each over 30 pounds, arrived today! I opened each box and as is always the case with Fire Mountain, found them neatly and carefully packaged. I emptied the 2 smaller boxes onto the kitchen table. Hubby teased me saying it looked like a scene from a movie about drug dealers. LOL All those smaller baggies,and I have yet to actually OPEN those baggies to get at the individual products! My table is filled to capacity.Tomorrow starts the process of sorting and repacking. I am hoping to have that all done within a week or so. It has been an interesting process, and there is still more interesting bits to come! I'm sure there will be more pics and fun to share.


  1. No kidding! Today was spent hunched of my kitchen table sorting and sifting through packages and packages. I've got about a third of it repacked already though. Hopefully tomorrow and Friday I can get the rest of it repacked.


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