Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, a little overcast and breezy, but all in all very nice.
Hubby and I started the day bright and early going out to watch some friends compete in a Reverse Triathalon...5k run, 20k bike ride and then a 500 meter swim. I applaud them for that...I sure couldn't do it! They both did well...placing in the top 3rd. After that hubby and I came home to an empty sister had taken our boys out to breakfast and on a shopping excursion. So hubby and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Then when they got back we hung around the house for a bit before taking them to go play at the pool for a few hours. Then back home for dinner and more relaxing.
I am still trying to get my FireMountain orders sorted and repacked...have run into a few snags...about a dozen items seemed to not make it onto the order. (and man do i feel horrible about it, but I suppose out of about 800 items, well it coulda been worse! But I still feel really bad!!!) And then on top of that I have about another dozen items that I cannot find the owners for...I had one lady change her order a couple times on me and I have a feeling that, that is where they came from...but they were items she decided she didn't now I am not sure what to do! Grrr
But all in all this group buy went pretty just to get finished, so I can load the boxes into my car to take to the post office this week. (that and it's kinda hard to rearrange my dining room with them all over! LOL)
I am moving my craft cabinets into the dining room and adding an 8' craft table as well...this way we should actually be able to EAT at the dining table again! LOL And this set-up will basically give me a dedicatet craft area as least that's the plan anyways! LOL
So for now I am off to catch up on the latest posts in my blogs, and then offline...gotta go get some work done! Y'all have a blessed Sunday!

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