Friday, July 10, 2009

And a Few More Mini's From Today

Today I made baked eggs, sausage patties, carrots & logs for sliced carrots, and gorgeous (if I do say so myself) green grapes! What do you all think? (Clicking on the picture should make it larger.)


  1. Those grapes are gorgeous!! :) The color is so true to life and the clusters look amazing. The carrots (oh my gosh those canes!), sausage patties and eggs look outstanding too - the coloring and texture is spot on.

  2. Thanks Ban! :-)
    Fairchild...that means so much coming from you!!! Yours work is truly amazing, and getting high praise from you just warms my heart!!! Thank you. :-D

  3. I think they are all great. Those grapes have such a nice translucent colouring. The carrots and eggs - all terrific. One day I will start to do clay.

  4. Thank you ptitbrico!
    Thank you so much for your compliments Doreen. Just be aware that clay is addictive. :-) BTW I have decided to remake your lamp...I am not really happy with it, and I have come up with a better idea. I haven't forgotten about you, but want to make somethink that we will both be happy with. :-)

  5. I,too, love the grapes you made . I love all the food,but especially the grapes. What did you do to give them the lovely translucent look?


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