Monday, July 13, 2009

Christmas in July

Ok well not really, but I have been making ornaments today. I decided to make a set of 6 custom matching tree ornaments for the auction at my DH's family reunion this weekend. I decided to use a 'traditional' palette of red, green, white and gold. So here are 4 of the 6 designs.

Ok the monstrosity on the right is what this ornament currently looks like. I made some super 'mooshy' (yep it's a technical term lol)creamy gold clay. I spread it all over the baked diamonds to fill in and 'grout' NOTE TO SELF---this is NOT an easy, simple or clean method! LOL The pic on the left is the bottom of the ornament after the gold has been sanded off. This will obviously require more finer sanding but should look really good complete.

LEFT---gift wrapped RIGHT Roses, this is my favorite so far, yes these are teeny tiny roses, this ornament only started out maybe 1.5 inches.

This is the bottom view and the top view of my filigree ornament. This was fun! I will definitely be making more for Christmas.
The 5th ornament is cooling from it's first's a mistletoe kissing ball. I had to bake one side so I can continue filling the second side in without smooshing (yep another technical term) the other side. I still need one more idea for the last ornament. I have a small round & a large teardrop ornament prepared...any ideas?

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  1. Those filigree ones are really neat! What a great idea!!! Maybe you could use a pretty cane to cover the last one with???

    Wish I was going camping, too:) And to go to Mammouth Cave!! WOW!! I can't wait to see pictures....I've always wanted to go there!!! I love things like that:)!! Have fun!!!


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