Friday, July 31, 2009

NEW WORK picture heavy post!

I have been busy crafting away over the last few days. I finally got my custom silver dragon finished. I have named him Kafa Avci, which is Turkish for Head Hunter.(which is the nickname for DH's company) I sculpt my dragons using the method generously shared by Sally over at Kudzu's Whimzy. Now Sally's dragons generally have a wonderful happy-go-lucky appearance to them...mine on the other hand always have an air of menace to them. Now me personally this is fine. But I gotta say, this most recent dragon...well he's kinda scary actually! :-S Kafa is going to be a gift to my DH's outgoing commander. Kafa is actually based off of the insignia gracing out guys uniforms. Once finished he will be sitting on a base with a large painted backdrop. Keep your eyes out for more...if you dare! LOL BTW clicking on each pic should bring up a larger image.


  1. I LOVE his mouth full of teeth !!! excellent job - can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Oh.....He's neat!!! Love his scales:) This is such an awesome gift:)


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