Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Miniatures

It's been a busy weekend, but sadly I haven't really gotten too much done! I have made a few miniatures and finally have my 'doll' almost completely dressed. And she finally told me her name, I guess she was waiting to be atleast mostly decently attired! LOL Meet Orah, she is spunky and not afraid to speak her mind. She is a little miffed at me right now as I have not yet sewn her shirt sleeves or vest. She really wants the long black locks I have ready for her, but until I finish her clothing she stays bald! I have a feeling you will be seeing much more of her as I create more and more miniatures.
And speaking of miniatures here are the few I made this weekend. I had a ton of fun making these items...and Miss Doreen, the UFO is coming to you along with the glow in the dark aliens and the rocket lamp. (which btw has been reworked a couple of times now! LOL) BTW the little toad and lizard are sitting on a cake that is about an inch and a half across.


  1. I'm just so excited now, and I'll be watching the mail every day. I really like Orah and I am sure she will look fantastic once she is finished. I saw the pictures you posted on the group and you have been busy. They are are terrific and I really like the toad as well. Good job on all your creations.

  2. I haven't shipped them just yet, but within the next week they will go out. I'm really busy this week and since I need a customs form to Canada I have to go INTO the Post Office, hopefully I'll get them in the mail this weekend!

  3. Thats ok - it's all part of the anticipation.


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