Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little things and Big things

The little thing is this matching purse I made to go with the Coral Rose Hat. Orah insisted that since she couldn't model the hat she could atleast show off the lovely matching handbag. I am trying to decide if it needs more embellishment. Any ideas?

And well big things...still pretty small as I am working in 1:12 scale. But I made a Black Satin Chaise for Orah, she wanted gold (any one sense a pattern here? lol) But I told her that black would look much more sophisticated. I looked at several patterns online as well as pictures of various ones in RL (for style and measurements) But this piece is essentially one of a kind. It if covered in black crepe satin, with matching rat-tail trim and silver details. this morning I awoke to find Orah tucked it with a sample of burgundy velvet for a blanket on the unfinished chaise. I couldn't resist a picture as she woke up. I finished trimming out the chaise and asked Orah to model for me. I hope you like it. I'm pleased as punch with it.


  1. wow girl - you've been busy while I was away - look at this !!! amazing work and detail :D keep the pics coming ...

  2. Thanks's are so frickin' addictive! I am lovin' them!!! I am back to dragons right now though. Sooooo hopefully I'll have a picture to share tonight!


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