Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Started lots, but...

only finished a hat. Now I have been working on hats using just about every variation of hat tutorial out there. Mind you I haven't had the perfect fabrics to work with so my hat experiences have been...well uninspiring! But last night I found a stash of drapery fabric samples from several years ago, among them was a cream Dupioni Silk. =D Talk about being excited. Using the great tutorial I have finally compeleted a HAT! Oooh and there is a tiny matching purse coming too. Orah wanted to model the hat, but when I explained that it would cover up her gorgeous hair pin (of which she is incredibly proud) she decided to let me just snap a few quick pics of it. It is cream Dupioni Silk, trimmed with coral silk jewelry cording, a custom colored feather, and hand sculpted polymer clay rose and leaves.


  1. Deborah I love the hat and the teeny tiny polymer rose! Can't say I've tried to make a rose that tiny before. It is very darling! ~ Cindy Lietz

  2. Thanks Cindy...so far that's the smallest rose I've made, well actually i have some that are just a tiny bit bigger but they have more petals on them...the smallest are 10 petals, barely 1/2 an inch across. Now that I have basically figured out hat making I intend to make many many more! :-D


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