Thursday, July 2, 2009

What I've been doing lately.

In addition to working on some custom order polymer clay horses (which are waaaay outside my comfort zone! lol) I have made a few little mini dishes, a teapot and some cupcakes)
So here are some mini items, and the unfinished 1st horse. (it now has all 4 legs and I am currently working on the hooves)


  1. you busy little beaver ! havn't forgotten about that email I owe you - just very distracted :D

  2. yep busy indeed, but I don't seem to be getting much done really! LOL I have a custom dragon I need to make for my husbands commander, and I need to come up with something to take to his family reunion in 2 weeks for a raffle. *Sigh* I look forward to your email, but don't stress over it, when you send it, it'll get here. :-)

  3. wow those dishes look neat. well done !

  4. Thanks Michelle...I have found my new favorite mold for dishes. (atleast larger serving type dishes) Semi-precious stone cabochans! I bought mine at Fire Mountain Gems to use in my sculptures, but discovered that some of them are jsut perfect for molds! :-)

  5. Bonjour Deborah,

    I also tried to make some dishes yesterday afternoon.
    It's quite difficult to control the shape.
    It seems better for me to find a good mold.
    *But it also takes time to find the exact one, doesn't it?


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