Monday, July 27, 2009

Lady Orah McHugh

It seems Orah neglected to mention that she is titled! (although personally I'm thinking giving her gold jewlery went to her head!)But I would like to properly and formally introduce Lady Orah McHugh. She comes from the Swallowhill Finishing School for Ladies (AKA Swallowhill Miniatures) run by the wonderful Parkers. I have been trying to design the perfect outfit for Orah for several weeks now to no avail. I wanted blue, had the fabric all picked out, even have several pieces sewn...but none of them looked right. So I on a whim went back to the gold lace I used to cover her more delicate bits when I first showed off her 'enhancements'. And the next thing I knew she was almost fully dressed. Her sleeves gave me some difficulty, but in the end I am thoroughly happy with her outfit, and better yet Orah is pleased as well. Next came her hair. Which oddly enough I have had laying around ready for her since shortly after she arrived. But I didn't want to give her hair without having dressed her. Finally her thick black wavy locks crown her pretty face.
"No Orah I'm not making you a crown!!!"
Ok note to my phrasing around Orah! I gave her 3 thin gold bangles, (jump rings)a braided gold necklace (hand braided wire) and a gorgeous gold and topaz hair ornament. (bead cap, eye pin and teeny tiny topaz flat-backs) I planned on making her matching gold satin slippers, but Orah claims that gypsy blood runs through her veins so she prefers bare-foot. And you know what, I think I'll go with her on this one. :-)
I hope you have enjoyed meeting Lady Orah McHugh, be warned though, I have a feeling she will be showing up quite frequently! lol


  1. Orah has turned out really well. You are going to have a lot of fun with her.

  2. Thanks Doreen, She has currently talked me into making her a Fainting Couch/chaise lounge chair. Boy oh boy she is demanding, but if it'll keep her happy! LOL

  3. did a great job on her. Love her hair clip.

  4. She's beautiful! Did you make her wig? Her dress is lovely, too. Nice work,Deborah. :-)

  5. Tallulah~Belle, thanks...her hair clip was a bit of a pain getting it into her hair just right. But I'm so glad I fussed with it. I just love the way it looks!
    De, thanks too. Her hair is made using unraveled rat-tail (satin cording) it unravels with the gorgeous waves already in it. I can't even begin to tell you how many dress parts I went through to finally end up with Orah's dress. But thankfully we are both very very pleased with the gold!


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