Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And we're walking...

Today I started my 'get healthy' program...ok really I just started walking with some friends after dropping my younger 2 off at school. We walked for about 45 minutes...we did a paved nature trail with a couple of nice hills,(ok they weren't nice, but hills are good for the tush right?!?!?) then did several laps around the local stadium football field. Then what did my friend say..."let's do the steps!" So yeppers we hoofed it up and down the bleacher steps...I think there were about 6 sets of like 20 steps...maybe more...I'll have to try and remember to count them tomorrow. I am really proud of myself, I did pretty good, and I am even excited to go again tomorrow!
No mini's or clay today, but I gotta get finished with my 'coin'. Urgh I would just like to say that after this I am sooo done with painting for a while! LOL Y'all have a great Wednesday!


  1. congrats!! i need to do the same thing...i'm so out of shape :P

  2. I feel really good, and am really looking forward to going out again tomorrow. I am seriously out of shape too, but it really feels good to be active again.


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