Monday, August 3, 2009

Purses, Purses, Purses

Ok well technically there are only 2 right now complete, but the third is in process. I am also working on a red hat to match the large 'beach'-style bag that Orah seems to have fallen in love with.I am actually considering either painting or embroidering some tiny roses on the fabric before I make the hat. (although I just thought about it...using my ultra fine tipped Sharpies would work too! =D lol)
The tiny ruffle-y black one is a drawstring evening bag that matches the black hat in the previous post. I love these little bags in RL and this tiny one was loads of fun to do as well!


  1. Deborah the two purses are so beautiful!!! Waiting for the third one!!!
    My congratulatiosn for your work
    Mini hugs

  2. Very nice Deborah. Embroidery???? That small??? Glad it is you and not me. I hate sewing even in real life, nevermind in miniature.

  3. Thanks Meli, I am 'blocking' the blue one as I type, the handle was crooked so hopefully the same technique used on sweaters will will work for mini purse handles! LOL
    Thanks Doreen...I am 'considering' in...I have honestly not really done much embroidery in RL, so the tiny work may be just a pipe dream...but one never knows I might just try it! lol


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