Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Friend and an Update

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted. I haven't really made anything new, so I didn't really feel like I had anything to say. =(
First of all I would like to welcome a new friend to my blog...Karin from Ontario, Canada. She has 2 great blogs.Orr Lake Musings is her main blog. And then Mini Tutes from Orr Lake is her secondary blog where she has links to dozens of tutorials for mini-making. I highly recommend taking a look at her great blog.
So today was day 3 in a row that I have walked and worked out with my friends. Monday we did a day at the gym and then yesterday it was back to our walking routine. Let me tell you I was SORE yesterday, not even a hot soak made my hips hurt less. I almost thought about not going today, but I told myself "Nope, I'm going, gotta push through the hurt and get moving." We did the same routine today with some additional stairs. And you know what...I actually feel BETTER than I did this morning! I am really feeling the burn but it's more the good kind of sore than the owwie kind of pain. I'm actually looking forward to going back out again tomorrow. =D
I finally finished up the 'coin' I have been working on for a couple weeks now. I had intended to finish it with resin, but I need it to be done by tomorrow night, and there just isn't time for 2 sides of resin to dry. I was kinda bummed as I really wanted the great raised glasslike finish. Then I remembered I have a pound container of ultra thick embossing enamel (UTEE)! So I need to get my oven warming up to melt it, but I think it will give me a great finish! I need to give the edging a another couple of coats of silver paint and then get it attached. That will give me a 'lip' to keep the UTEE contained. God-willing it will work and look great.
I haven't really made too many mini's lately, well actually I guess I have. But I can't show them off as they are for a swap due later this month. I promise to take pics though so I can share them after they have been recieved. One thing I did make just for fun was candied bat wings. I am thinking I might make a small 'spooky' candy display. I bought several of the Michael's $1 cabinet this past weekend, and can't wait to fill them. In addition to the cabinets, I bought several punches: 1 inch round for plates and such, an 8-petal flower, for well flowers, a tiny clamshell and a tiny 6-petal flower. These were only a dollar and unfortunately they punch like it! grrr. But since I generally trim my punchies anyways hopefully I can make them work!
Oooh I almost forgot, I started another figure last week. She was supposed to be an elf, but somewhere along the way one of her ears got broken, so I filed them both round and now she is just a pretty human. I have another smaller, younger elf figure as well, so maybe that one will stay an elf. This pretty gal has not given me her name yet, or what color hair she'd like. I am thinking either blond or red, but am not sure. She is wearing a green velvet dress and has brown eyes. Any ideas?

so here are some pics of what I've been doing the last few days.

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