Monday, August 17, 2009

Sorry I've been away for so long

Real life just seems to have gotten away from me. My laptop had been in the living room rather than on my craft desk, so I spent much of this last week away from my desk. But I am back in the kitchen again and ready to get rolling.
Today I was back to working out with my was pouring down rain so rather than walking we went to the gym. We did the Ellipitcal Machines, some free weights and then the Stationary bike. I think we are going to try going to the gym atleast once a week, and we are hoping to add in a day of swimming as well. I really do feel good now that I am working out on a more regular basis. Physically it feels good, but mentally too. Y'all have a wonderful evening, I'm off to mini, clay and paint! =D

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