Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photo Challenge

Ok so I have gotten tagged in a Photo Challenge by Vicki over at NJD Miniatures. The challenge goes something like this...Open your Photos file and go to the 4th folder, choose the 4th photo, post it and tell about it. So here goes. Ok I gotta say initally I had no idea what this pic was. (I was looking at the thumbnails) But now that I enlarged the pic I know what it is. LOL Late this past spring hubby and I took the kiddos over to Providence Canyon, it's nicknamed Georgia's Little Grand Canyon. Decades ago it was farmland, due to poor soil management, erosion carved away huge chunks of the land, and continues to do so to this day. There is a 3-mile looping trail that winds it's way around the canyon rim. The views are absolutely spectacular!
But enough about the canyon...(if you want to learn more, there is tons to read about it at the above link. =D ) This photo was taken along the trail, being that it used to be a homestead, there are some remnants of life still here. This picture is a tree that has grown THROUGH the windows of an overturned, rusted out vehicle. I just thought it was really neat to see Mother Nature reclaim what is hers. I did take some full scale pics too, but enjoy taking a few artsy ones as well.

Vicky, thanks so much for a great challenge...I will pass the challenge on as requested!


  1. This has been a fun challenge - it has thrown up some really interesting photos, this being one of them!

  2. It has indeed been loads of fun. I like seeing what other folks have in their folders...heck it was fun seeing what was in my own folder! LOL


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