Monday, August 10, 2009

Painting, painting, painting

I couldn't figure out why my shoulders hurt last night when hubby and I went to bed...well I figured it out this afternoon. I spent all weekend and a couple hours today hunched over my craft table painting! I still have more to do, but this last piece I don't need to finish until this weekend.
I painted 6 wooden masks for Middle sons teacher. (well last years teacher, but she's a sweet heart so I don't mind helping her out!) She is planning on using them in her make believe box. I still need to finish the Skeleton Pirate...I painted the nose hole and eye patch BEFORE I painted the skull white...why, well honestly cause I had black paint left over from doing the other pirate so I figured why not! lol Well why not...because it would've been way easier to paint the white first and not have to cut in around. So well I didn't lol. I am also going to give the teeth a light coat of gray to age them.
The front side of the display 'coin' that goes with my dragon Kafa Avci is finished. I still need to do the back...this is most likely going to be a OOAK never-to-be-repeated project! It has been an adventure to say the least. Painting is soooooo not my thing! LOL But here it is next to the original.

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