Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Painting, part deux!

Yep still more painting. I am finally working on the back side of the 'coin' I have most of the base coats done...this back side has alot more small gold and silver detailing than the front did...and wouldn't you know I seem to have broken my new paint pens!!! Grrr Anyone know how to fix them once they start dripping great big drops of paint instead of nice fine lines?
I don't have any pics of this side yet, but here is a little hope chest I made last week. I used bass wood, and tongue depressors. Oh and a couple of metal jewelry findings for enhancement. I painted the pieces with a matte black and then waxed it for a fabulous soft finish. Yes I actually used wax. I melted some candle wax, poured it on, rubbed it in and then hit it with my heat gun to clean it up. I just love the way it came out. Oh yeah and I checked the measurements on RL ones first and it's to scale! woohoo!

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