Saturday, July 3, 2010

1/12th scale Dresses

These 3 pieces are for a 'fashion show' project in an online group I belong to. The Mini Doll List is an awesome site run by amazing people who put out truly fantastic instructions, kits and tutorials for just about anything and everything related to dressing miniature figures. We were challenged to come up with 3 outfits: a wedding gown, a little black dress, and a fantasy outfit.
--For the wedding gown I started out with something completely different in mind. However I am completely thrilled with the direction this dress ended up going. I think it's playfully elegant!
--My LBD is actually a replica of my OWN LBD! I wore this dress when Hubby and I went out to dinner and Casablanca this past Valentine's Day.
--Now with my fantasy gown i have become thoroughly convinced that these tiny 5-6 inch ladies ABSOLUTELY have a mind of their own!!!! Orah, Giselle and now Lola have each given me nothing but trouble dressing them!!!! I had a radicaly different outift planned for Lola, heck she even had a different name...BUT in no uncertain terms she explained to me that her name was LOLA and there was no way in heck she was wearing the outfit I orginially intended for her! Sooo after much fighting and bantering and bartering Lola emerged from her dressing room ready to show off her Can Can skills. (who knew she knew how too????) My favorite part of Lola has got to be her hair. I LOVE how her 'highlight's turned out. They were a bit fiddly to do, but the result was well and truly worth it!


  1. Wow! Such beautiful dresses! Thanks for the link to your group too. Love the hi-lights! What an original idea!

  2. I thought that first dress looked familiar!
    They all look wonderful, but the last one is my favorite. :)
    Have fun with the fashion show, sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  3. Wow- they are all fabulous! I love the can can outfit the most- it's so fun!

  4. Thanks so much for your compliments ladies!


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