Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cassie's Career Choice

(Forgive the alliteration craziness, but since yesterday's title was Bren's Bakery I figured what the heck! LOL)

Cassie came to me yesterday and wanted to let me know she finally chose a Major...she wants to be an interior designer! Wow talk about an awesome choice. That was something I myself wanted to do for a while as a young woman. So we chatted for a while, while I was altering some dress pants for my sister. Cassie rummaged around in my fabric boxes until she came up with a fabric she liked. Next thing I knew she had grabbed some scraps and a needle and was stitching away beside me.

Her little toss pillow turned out adorable and she loved the fabric soooo much she asked me to sew together a little cube cushion for her. (she said she'd do it herself but she's just not heavy enough to move the foot pedal!) So I whipped up this great little seating cube. Cassie pointed out that within the last week 7 new girls have joined us. (most are here for fashion makeovers and won't be seen for a while) Sooo anyways seating is going to be vital here real soon, and she is very excited to get started on her best friend Bren's bakery too. (hmmm seems like I'm gonna be real busy here soo too!!!)


  1. I'm imaging you have a huge stockpile of fabrics with cute, tiny patterns. Cassie's outfit is great BTW!


  2. Um Lynn...HUGE doesn't even come close! I have 8 photo storage boxes crammed full of 8x10 'samples' of every fabric I own!!! And some of those fabrics there are 8-10 YARDS!!!

    I wish I could take credit for her outfit, but that's a mattel piece...But I will be making some more clothes in the near future for sure!

  3. 7 eh? Can't wait to see what they all look like once you're done with their make-overs! And I like the fabric too ;)

  4. 7 eh? I can't wait to see what they look like after their make-overs! PS: I like the fabric too and like you, I've got tons of samples!!!

  5. 5 of them came frmo a dear friend who had intended to remake them as well. But never got around to it. So I traded her some 1/12th scale goodies for them. They are gonna need alot of TLC but I am enjoying that process.
    The last 2 came from 'sets' I bought for the clothing contained in them. BUT hey buying the sets WITH the dolls was cheaper than buying outifts alone, go figure!

  6. what a sweet little pillow! Great work Cassie and great career choice! Maybe she'd like to come do my house :) I can't wait to see all the new dolls!


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