Friday, July 2, 2010

Books, books and um...yeah MORE books!

I just realized that I have not updated my 100 books in 2010 list in almost 3 months!!!! YIPES! Sooo this post is gonna be short and sweet about the 14 books I have read since April.

In no particular order: (mainly cause I can't remember! LOL)

30---Laurel K Hamilton's Harlequin This is the most recent in her Vampire/Shapeshifter be honest I wasn't real impressed with this one, the story seemed rather discombobulated and had waaaay too much going on in it. Not to mention the don't get me wrong I don't mind it hot and steamy...but I think Ms Hamilton too things a bit too far in this book, and from reading reviews I am not the only one. I think this is a PASS book.

31 & 32--- Gena Showalter's Into the Dark and The Darkest Passion. These are in her Lords of the Underworld (LOTU) series. Long story short this series takes on the Pandora's box myth and gives it a fantastic spin on it's ear.

--Into the Dark is an anthology containing the prequel short story The Darkest Fire, which explains how Pandora's box was created. The second short story is The Darkest Prison is more along the lines of a side story that goes along with the LOTU series. This is the Story of the Titan Atlas (yep THE Atlas who carries the weight of the world literally on his shoulders) and Nike the Greek godess of Victory. (BTW if your not up on your mythology the greeks and the titans were enemies!!! Makes for a wonderfully tragic love story! ;-D ) The 3rd short story is The Amazon's Curse. This is a follow-up short to The Vampire's Bride which interestingly enough was the first book I read and reviewed this year! LOL It follows the trials and tribulations of another star-crossed couple forced to play the gods Survivor-esque game.

--The Darkest Passion is book 5 in the LOTU series...this is Aeron's story. Cursed for his part in opening the box Pandora guarded, Aeron houses the demon of Wrath. Now free from the Titam King Cronus' demand that he kill a specific woman, Aeron is trying to settle back into his life with his demonling 'daughter' Legion as his calmer. (hard to explain without giving too much away sorry!) However often he can sense someone...watching him. This entities presence upsets Legion and she often retreats back to Hell. Finally his 'stalker' is revealed to be an honest-to-gods ANGEL. "Fallen" she is quick to remind him. This is a whirlwind story and a fantastic nail-biter continuation to what is one of my Favorite Series!!!

33 through 40-- Jean Johnson's Sons of Destiny series. Think 7 brides for 7 brothers, throw in an extra brother, a HUGE dose of magic, a couple of Prophesies and you've got The Sons of Destiny. The 8 brothers start fulfilling the 1st Prophesy simply by being 4 sets of twins each born on the same day 2 years apart! Then as they grow into their own magical set of skills the government of their home country decides 'for the good of the nation...' to exile the brothers to an uninhabited isle that was once a Duchy of the nation. Each book follows each brother as he meets and falls in love with his destined bride. An 8 book series bound to keep you intrigued and entertained! Book titles: The Sword, The Wolf, The Master, The Song, The Cat, The Storm, The Flame and The Mage.

And lastly but certainly not least book 41-43-- Cornelia Funke's Inkworld Trilogy These are: Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath
Inkheart is the original book that the Brendan Frasier film of the same name was based off of. It follows Mo, a father with the amazing ability to bring stories literally to life, with simply the sound of his voice. Unfortunately that gift comes at a price, for everything that comes OUT of the story something ELSE must go in to take it's place. Sadly the first 'thing' to go is Mo's belvoed wife Resa. The night Resa disappears Mo realizes what happened and vowed never to read another word outloud. Fast forward 12 years alter and the past catches up to Mo. Now he must protect his and Resa's daughter from the villians he himself accidentally read out of the book.

Inkspell and Inkdeath continue the story...will Resa be found, does Maggie carry her fathers gift or curse depending on who you ask, will all EVER be right with the worlds again.

If you enjoyed the movie I HIGHLY recommend the books!!!


  1. Loved the Sons of Destiny series, couldn't put it down. Also really enjoy the Inkworld Trilogy, but so scary!!!! Your reviews are great and really like what you are doing with your dolls etc. Have fun. Hugs and smiles, Sue C

  2. Sue the SOns of Destiny is probably one of my favorite series...I can read it over and over and over again! I'm glad you are enjoying my books reviews! =D
    I am so happy being back to crafting, I have been dabbling in several different things right now, with several commisions as well as my own 'fun' stuff.


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