Monday, July 26, 2010

What I've been up to...

Serendipity is a wonderful thing!!! First off I must admit to a bit of a lie...While I WAS in Atlanta for a few days I wasn't there to visit a friend...I was actually there to pick up my husband for his 2 week R&R from Iraq!!!! (couldn't say anything as it was a surprise to his family who read my blog through Facebook!) That in itself was an experience as he was supposed to be in late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. But due to arriving late(not his fault!!!) He missed the 1st flight out and didn't arrive until Friday morning! You can just imagine our boys surprise when I came home with their Daddy!!! We left Tuesday morning and headed north to Dahlonega, GA. After much driving around and around...(north GA doesn't seem to like to label roads!!! lol) we found the gold mine. We spent an hour or so sifting though a giant rubbermaid tub full of sand, dirt and gemstones! The boys found some wonderful semi precious stones, and had a fantastic time!(Pics of that coming later, gotta find my memory card! LOL) We did also pan for gold, but that was way harder with much less 'satisfying' result. We did each bring home a test tube with a few tiny slivers of gold in it though. But they had way more fun 'grubbin' for gems! We headed north again in search of our campsite, but again due to lack of proper road signs we ended up south of where we needed to be. Bought a map and finally found the original destination, then decided to head back to the area where the mine was to hit up Wal-mart. Then headed north into the mountains to camp at Desoto Falls State Park. We ended up in this gorgeous little camping area filled with lovely lush green trees and a pair of amazing waterfalls!
We camped in Desoto for 2 nights and had a fantastic time. Since this is getting rather wordy I am gonna cut this short and will update more of our trip tomorrow!
ARGHHHH!!!I am having trouble uploading pictures anywhere online, but I promise to add some real soon! :-(


  1. sounds like exactly what you all needed - can't wait for pics!

  2. Girl it sure was very relaxing indeed.

  3. oh how exciting Deborah! I bet the boys were jumping with joy to see their Daddy! I can't wait to see some pictures :)


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