Friday, July 9, 2010

Darren Demands Due Diligence

(Ok I know I promised no more alliterations...BUT...Really though I think I'm Edward...well I can't think of anything that my Edward needs right now! LOL )

So after indulging Cassie the other night, Darren came to speak with me after the girls had gone off...where'd they go? I honestly have no clue! LOL He sat down with me and very politely informed me that While Cassie's red ottoman is comfortable and certainly big enough for two...he wouldn't mind having a nice big comfy 'man' chair. He said it was no rush, but it'd be nice to have something to kick back in and watch some TV. (when he can get a TV that is.) I told him that I would consider his request, but I was rather busy right now. I explained that I was altering 4 pair of dress pants for my sister, plus working on a commisioned set of American Girl-sized doll food...oh yeah and planning a camping trip. With a shrug of his shoulders and a "K" he set off back up to lounge on the ottoman.
As I sewed my sisters slacks I couldn't help but glance over at the big guy trying to get comfy on the ottoman. Ok so he had a point!

When I got to a stopping point in my alterations...I grabbed my Freida Gray book Dolls' House Furniture. Hmmm these were 1/12th scale projects, so it stands to reason that if I emlarged the patterns my 200% they should be perfect for 1/6th scale. Well I found a nice comfy looking arm chair and set to work. I used foamcore...lots and lots of 1/4 inch foamcore. Probably should have broken out the 1/2 core, but after my debacle with cutting the ottoman from it, I didn't want to! LOL (although a fresh blade makes ALL the difference!!!!!) I grabbed my olive green 'suede' and set to work. The armchair took much of last night and a good portion of today to do. And there are definitely things I will do differently next time, but I am very pleased with the results!

Hope you enjoy it too! Cassie came home and just had to try out Darren's new chair. SHe likes it too! However...
Darren was not amused and quickly regained his 'throne'. {no worries, there was lots of giggling coming from Cassie as he 'dethroned' her! ;-)
She tried to convince him that as an interior decorator, she really needs to know all about every piece of furniture coming into our home. Hmmm do you think he's buying it??? Yeah me neither! LOL


  1. Deb! great job!!! :)

    Is he happy now? lol ;)

  2. Thanks Dale!

    Yep he's a happy man! (Well he will be tomorrow when the feet are fully dry and I find a place for him to set up 'camp' so to speak!) ;-)

  3. We need more pictures of the chair. You did a fabulous job, btw. :)

  4. Will do! I'll add them to my flickr page and to my facebook album! I'll let you know when they are up!

  5. Great looking chair! Love the suede!

  6. commented on the flickr page ;) great job!

  7. Thanks Kathi! I have a set very simialr in color to Darren's chair and it is the MOST comfy living room furniture I've ever owned!!!
    Thanks for your comments on my flickr page Ban! =D

  8. Great job! I love the color you used- very manly :) Poor Cassie has to be satisfied with the ottoman :(


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