Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jumping the gun a bit, but...

I wanted to share the new toy my hubby bought me when we got home! While we were camping we discussed possibly getting either an RV or a larger vehicle and a camper. Now none of this was going to happen until next year when hubs returned from the Middle East. But Monday we decided to go out and just look around. We stopped first at the camper place and found several that would be in our budget as well suit our needs. We headed off to the local Chevy dealer as hubby wanted a Suburban to allow us to haul just about any camper we chose. My goodness they are expensive!!! We were getting ready to leave when the sales man mentioned an SUV that had been traded in the day hadn't even been completely detailed was a 2006 Tan Yukon Denali...oh my was it pretty. Turns out the previous owner had traded it in on a CORVETTE!!!! So that should give you some indication of how 'clean' it was. They gave us an amazing trade in deal on our Sedona, and gave us a phenomenal deal on the Denali.

Hubby and I are calling it serendipity as earlier that day we were discussing giving our Sunfire convertible to a young soldier in need of a vehicle. (we've done that before and it really is a nice feeling to do something really nice for someone in need.

So we brought home this gorgeous new-to-us Denali which drives like a dream! AND suits our current and future needs perfectly!!!!


  1. Thanks I am totally in love with my new SUV!

  2. So did you get the camper too? So much fun, LOL. Enjoy your time with your hubby. Smiles and Hugs

  3. Thanks we are holding off on the camper until the hubs comes home again in the spring. But now we know what we want! =D

  4. oh- it is beautiful! How fun!!!


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