Friday, July 2, 2010

1/6th scale ottoman

Ok these posts about what I've been doing over the last month are honestly in no particular order. (and tonights is gonna be brief as I am exhausted from spending several hours at my sister's with my boys in her complex's pool!!! We had a blast, but I am noticing that every other word is misspelled....sooo brief and simple tonight! lol)

This is an ottoman I built for my 1/6th scale dolls. To me it really seems like an armless and backless sofa, but the website for the FULLsized one call it an ottoman. lol It is made from 1/2inch thick foam core, some foam packing material and a red faux suede. While it isn't perfect, the concept and design are sound. I need to remember to iron or steam the fabric first to remove wrinkles and I need a better, smoother way to cut foam core. I used an Exacto knife, but it really seemed to tear the foam inside. (could it be that my blade was dull? Is there are better tool for cutting foam core? I don't mind buying something, as long as it's not outrageously priced, since I think I'll be using foam core as a base alot.)


  1. Deborah, just use a fresh blade every time you need to cut foam core and make several passes with the blade rather than try to cut through all at once. That should make a much cleaner cut. (Just don't ask if that's what I do every time, lol.)

  2. yes, use an oversized bread knife so you cut straight through and you can see the blade going all the way down ;)

  3. we used to use foam core a lot at the flower shop I used to work at and we always had to be sure that the blade was super sharp. If someone knows something better to cut it with I want to know too! I love the ottoman-especially the little tufting (is that the right word?) on the seat- fab job!!!


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