Thursday, July 1, 2010

geez o pete

Almost another month has gone by, between postings, and I am sooooo very sorry about that. I have lots to tell and share with y'all so I will try to post several posts over the next few TRY and catch up.

First off, my surgery went very very well and I healed wonderfully. Then next step is to wait until the tubal heals completely (another month) so I can stop taking the birth control pills. THEN we will see if the ablation actually worked or if it's been the hormones controling the issue. I truly hope the procedure worked as i really have no desire to take bc pills the rest of my life. *sigh*

It was wonderful having my mom here with us for 5 weeks. It was sad to see her head home, but at the same time it was kind of nice to get back to my routine. I did some massive house cleaning the couple days after she left for a party I had on the 19th and I am proud to say that for the most part my house is STILL clean! =D

It's been ridiculously hot down here, but the weather has been very screwy. Downpours of rain not 10 miles up the road, but nothing more than a sprinkle here. Thunder and lighting and high winds but still little rain. Oh well, although we could sure USE the rain right now.

Both sides of my front garden got planted and look really good, still haven't gotten around to the sides yet, but hopefully soon.

Oh yeah I turned 33 on the 21st. My sister took the boys over night the following weekend so that was real nice, got a good bit of crafting done (which I'll share in upcoming posts) and I've read a TON of books over the last month of so. (yes yet another post.)

Well I need to go take my son to pickup his new glasses in a bit, so I won't bore you with any more babble for now...BUT there will be more updates coming soon!!!


  1. that's great news! so very glad and I've got my fingers crossed about the bc pills :)
    'see' ya later!

  2. I dunno how I've missed all these posts, but I did! So glad to hear that surgery went well! And that you're doing much better now! Can't wait to see what's been keeping you busy! :)

  3. so happy to hear that everything has healed well- I'll keep my fingers crossed on the pills too. Be-lated Happy Birthday.....can't wait to see what you've been working on! Have a great 4th of July weekend!!!

  4. happy belated birthday!
    hugs Karin

  5. Thanks Ladies I had a wonderful birthday. My sister bought me an ice cream cake, and a $25 gift card for Hobby Lobby! =D


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