Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've been busy...

And have a good bit of busy more to come. I was off line the last couple days to go visit a friend in Atlanta. (Momma took a couple days off for some 'me' time.) Today and tomorrow will be spent preparing to head to KY for Donnie's family reunion. Bummer that he won't be able to join us though. =( BUT the boys and I are looking forward to taking some time out before school starts to get out into nature. We are going to tent camp in Northern GA and do some hiking and visit Dahlonega, which is the site of the first US gold rush. We'll take the tours of the mine and then do a little panning for gold! They boys are beyond excited about this. Then we are off to KY for the reunion on Saturday. Then we'll head back home sometime Sunday. The busy-ness will continue and our oldest Joe starts his junior year of high school on Wednesday! (Yep the 28th of JULY!!!) The younger 2 have a little bit more time, but not much. They head back to Kindergarten and 4th grade respectively on the 6th of August. So we are enjoying our last bit of 'freedom' with a nice refreshing vacation!

No pics today, but I promise to have tons and tons to share after our vacation! =D


  1. safe travels Deborah- and have loads of fun :)

  2. Thanks Kim. It should be a blast! I'll have lots to post next week! =D

  3. busy, yeah, I'm intimate with that term right now ;)


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