Friday, January 29, 2010

Book 6 of 100

Yeah I finished another one! :-) Last weekend at the library I picked up another of Nalini Singh Psy/Changeling series. I hade hoped to pick up the 1st two vooks but nope didn't happen...oh well. lol
Branded by Fire was my introduction to her Changelings. (They are introduced earlier in the series, but well I haven't read those yet! LOL) Branded revolves around Mercy and Riley. Mercy is a Sentinel for her DarkRiver Pack while Riley is a lieutenant for the SnowDancer pack. These two love to aggrevate each other like cats and dogs. Oh wait...yeah She's a Leopard Changeling, he's a Wolf Changeling! Changelings are sort of, kind of like were-animals, although they change at will and can retain their humanity. (most of the time! ;-) ) Mercy is a dominant female who fears ever being able to find a mate her leopard would be willing to submit to, but knows she'd never be happy with a male who'd submit to her! Riley thinks he wants a 'happy-homemaker' little wolf at home...but he is drawn to Mercy like a moth to a flame. When a member of Mercy's pack is abducted, the SnowDancer Alpha sends Riley to help out. Can these two handle the fire that's coming their way...not just from the 'enemy', but from each other as well?

This was a wonderful book...I am definitely on the look out for my own copy of this book as well as her others. Thanks for coming along with me for my little book review.


  1. I've heard so much about her but haven't gotten around to reading any of her stuff yet. Think I'll find the first in the series and have me a day of reading.

  2. I am bidding on a set of them on ebay right now. =D


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