Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm gonna try this again!

I've been overweight all of my adult life and much of my youth. I'm sick and tired of being fat. I have tried to diet before, I've exercised before...I've done just about everything. Well about 3 years ago (geez I hadn't realized it had been soooo long ago! yikes) I came across an online site called SparkPeople. It is an online community full of resources like: recipes, nutrition and fitness trackers workout videos and tons of other stuff. The other neat thing they have are motivational groups called Teams. You search out your interests and join the teams you find interesting. I belong to several...30 somethings with 25-49 pounds to lose (there are tons of different age and loss groups!), Bones (for the TV series) and several Arts and Crafts groups. There are a couple polymer clay groups but no miniature groups I could find. Who knows maybe I'll start one! ;-)
So anyways...I followed along on Spark tracking my food and exercise and such. I was also going to the gym 3 times a week. I did really good! Then a dear friend of mine got very sick and the family needed help. Well for me when a loved one needs something I am there! My middle son was in PreK so he was only in school half days. My timing for things got thrown all out of whack...My days were spent running around with kids and my girlfriends drs appointments and helping out with her daughters Quinceniera. Please don't for a minute think I regret doing this...I love that family like they were my own!!! But unfortunately once I step off the track of my routine...I go downhill exceptionally fast! Needless to say I have been paying for a gym membership that I haven't used in a year and a half!!!! *sigh* I sure can thick of other things to do with that $40. The gym is an all womens gym...I am more comfortable with places like that, but I think I am going to cancel it any ways and start taking advantage of the free gym here on post. Not only is there standard exercise equipment, and free weights and all that, but there is also an indoor pool. I really think I am ready to get this weight off. My long term goal is to loose 75 pounds before I turn 35...that actually gives me 2.5 years to make my goal. My short term goal is 5 pounds by the beginning of March.
I am hoping that by adding my weight loss goals to my blog, maybe all my great blog friends out there can help me stay on track! =D


  1. I've been through the same thing(sort of) so I can sympathize. Nothing as important as your reasons for being off track- but life gets crazy and somehow taking care of ourselves takes the furthest back burner. Good luck on getting back on track- I am sure you can do it and will do well!

  2. Thanks Kim...we sure do tend to put ourselvs last don't we! I appreciate your vote of confidence! =D

  3. there is nothing more motivating than accountability!!!

  4. That is very true indeed Ban! Although I have discovered it is very difficult to watch what one eats when Payday isn't until tomorrow and my pantry is looking more like Old Mother Hubbards cupboard! LOL But back on track tomorrow. =D

  5. Good luck - I know how hard it can be.

    I have put on an insane amount of weight since I moved to the US :-(


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