Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yeah I am now the proud owner of a Library Card!!! We have a rather large brand new(well I guess it's about 2 years old now)library! It is a really interesting building. It has a very...governmental...feel to it...I'm not entirely sure if that's a good thing or not! It's very crisp and clean and fresh. I do like the way it is laid out as everything has it's own room. They even have a geneology room! I went in looking for the 1st two books in Gena's Alien Huntress series. I was delighted to find the fiction room...unfortunately they have them groups by author as opposed to romance books were all mixed in with everything else. It was kind of frustrating since they didn't have the books I was looking for. I generaly like to peruse the romance section looking for something that catches my fancy. Can't do that in our library. =( I ended up finding another Nalini Signh book and one by Maggie Shanye. I am about 3/4 of the way through Nalini's so there should be another update soon.

ooooh I also have decided that YES audiobooks count as long as they are the unabridged version...I mean really what's the point of the abridged version!!! Several months ago I joined It's $15 a month and I get a credit. A credit will buy me almost ANY book in their library. And I also get 30% off any book NOT purchased with credits. I have Gena SHowalter's entire Lords of the Underworld series on audiobook right now. Today I decided to bu another audiobook (since I forgot to check out the selection at the library! LOL) I decided to get a classic this time around. So I used my monthly credit and got Gone With the Wind! It's 48 hours of listening enjoyment! (or so I hope!) GWTW normally retails for 48 dollars!!!!! And I got it essentially for $15...gotta love that!

Since I was talking about my current library...I thought I would share a pic of the library I grew up with. It will always be my favorite has sooooo much character! =D


  1. My goodness, that looks like a huge library!

    I guess they aren't sorting books by the dewey decimal system there?

    I always think that books are like old friends, good to have around. :)

    Funny you mentioned genealogy. My mother was a geneaolgist and she had over three thousand books in her collection.

    I'm off to catch up on what else you've been up to. :) I hope you are feeling better, now. :)

  2. oh that library- I would be in heaven! the library in my town is smaller than the high school I graduated from!! I do still love to go to the library though- and you can always find something to read- just frustrating when you want to read a book you heard someone talk about and you cannot find it! good for you deciding audio books count!

  3. The library IS huge! I look forward to getting to know my way around it. I am especially eager to check out their audiobook collection!

    I would love to get into geneology sometime...but it's going to be a ton of work as both my hubby and my parents are divorced and remarried and we both grew up with our 'steps' being big in our lives. I wouldn't feel right not including them too!

    I loved the ambiance of the Sandusky library...they had wonderfully comfy chairs all over the library for raeding, and the children's area was top notch!

    It does kind of seem as though this library is going by their own does indeed make it really tough to choose a book.

    I am looking forward to starting Gone With the Wind.


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