Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book 7 of 100

Ah now this is more like it...I need to spend a few more days doing some heavy reading to catch up to where I need to be. Too reach 100 by December 31st 2010 I should be reading about 2 books a week. NOT REALLY a hard thing for me to do, but I seem to find myself addicted to the silly little games on Facebook! LOL So when I am not making minis or sculpting I would normally be reading, but NO I'm farming or decorating my beach condo or feeding fishies! LOL Oh well I enjoy it and it keeps me entertained! That's all that matter right? heeheeehee
But anyways...I started Maggie Shayne's Edge Of Twilight yesterday, and just finished it about an hour ago. I am a sucker for a good Vampire romance. (although that being said I can honestly say I really have no desire to read any of the Edward and Bella Twilight series?!?!?! Hmm Go Figure! LOL

Edge Of Twilight Revolves around Edge...loner vampire, made and abandoned by his sire in the same night. No idea how to surive. Fast forward, Edge has gathered to him other Fledgling vampires who for some reason where cast aside by their sires. His little Gang of Five is his life, until returning to their lair to find them all murdered! Vowing vengeance he spend the next 50 years seeking out their killer. Amber Lily is the Child of Promise, the only child born to 2 vampires. She too is seeking the same man Edge does but for very different reasons. Can Edge learn to love again, can Amber learn just who she really is?

I am pretty new to Maggie Shayne's work but I really enjoyed this book. The characters are a little shallow in their development, but I also realize that this is one of Shaynes' earlier stories. I thought it flowed really well and truly enjoyed reading the book. Yet another author to add to my list of books I wanna read!


  1. I'm really enjoying your reading odyssey and have a couple new authors to try out, thanks. I about died laughing at your comment about the "silly little games on Facebook" I, too, have just recently found them and am totally addicted lololol How can such a silly waste of time be so fun and addicting??? (it's why I haven't had much to put on my blog the past two days, have to get those super pumpkins planted!!!) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I follow you faithfully on my blog reader, but can't get my picture to show up as a follower (yes, I did the Follow this blog thing on the left) so just wanted you to know, you DO have another follower. Smiles

  3. Sue I have no idea how they can be sooo darned addicting!!! You are showing up for me as a Follower....I am such a bad blogger...I need to welcoem my new 'friends'.
    I am so glad you are enjoying my reading list. I need to decide what book to read next...I'm thinking I might switch gears and grab one of my hubby's action series books. They are quick fast-paces action filled reads. =D

  4. well my dear, we share some similiar addictions, reading, clay, miniatures (of a sort) but I have NOT been taken in by the evil FB gamer demons!!! Hee Hee.
    Yeah, I can't deny myself a good paranormal either. I confess I DID read the Twilight series but that's only because I know you won't judge me too harshly. :)
    See, I read the first two books and was waiting on the third BEFORE the whole thing blew out of proportion!!! It was a good little story with lots of agnst (which I love - nothing beats tension for me) but it wasn't what everyone is making it out to be and now, I'm embarrassed to tell people I enjoyed it because I don't want to be thought of as a 'groupie'.
    I would not 'suggest' you read it - at least not any time soon. You know how the really popular movies stink when you go to see them because of all the build up? Maybe someday, when you're bored, you've read everything else in your house and you've forgotten what the darn thing was about in the first place - maybe then you can borrow the book from the library and try to appreciate it for what it started out being. A simply story written by a woman who had a dream she wanted to elaborate on.
    PS: let me know if you read any more by Maggie Shayne. Now-a-days I'm so picky about what I read, I'd like more than one good review if you know what I mean.

  5. I certainly won't hold it against you hun!!! I *had* planned on reading Twilight BEFORE it became a movie, and yeah I think the hype is part of my desire NOT to read it right now!!! So more than likely one day down the line i will indeed read it, but I know it won't be this year! LOL
    I definitely plan on reading more of Shaynes work...I like her take on vampires...traditional but not quite. I will definitely post on them when I do too!!!!


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