Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holy crap that took forever!!!

LOL...several posts back I mentioned making footstools from soda bottle cap. Some folks in some of my yahoo groups asked if I would make up a tutorial for them. Sure no problem right...won't take long.
UM hello who was I kidding, yeah it didn't take too long to create the actual footstool even with taking pictures. But holy moly the editing and then uploading and describing about killed took me 3 days just to upload everything to ONE group and my Flickr account!!! I still need to upload it to a 2nd and possibly a 3rd group. (I have a feeling there will be a lot of copying and pasting going on in my future! LOL)

I also finished one of the 2 chairs I have been working on. Although I am contemplating repainting the pink as it is rather pale and hard to distinguish in photographs from the cream. See what you think.

The green is taking waaaaaay longer than the pink or the cream since I am having to be so much more careful with it! But I really do like the way it is looking.

Tomorrow I will have 2 book reviews for you. (yes I have already finished 2 books for the year! =D So I hope you'll stop back to hear about my finished reads!
Y'all stay warm out there wherever you may be!


  1. It's so hard to tell in a computer picture- I notice my laptop shows colors different than the pc...Looking at the picture on my pc there is just a slight difference in the pink and cream- but it's all balanced nice with the green and looks great- so I would say live with it for a bit and see if it really, really bugs you. I can't wait to hear what books you have read already!

  2. man! what a busy girl you are! Way ta go & keep it up.
    hugs Karin

  3. I love these chairs and your bottle cap footstool tutorial is great thanks for sharing it
    hugs Rachel

  4. Thanks ladies...I am going to live with the pink while I finish up the second chair...THEN I will decide if I want to make it a little darker. I am also going to see how it looks once I set up my photo 'studio' maybe proper lighting will show off the colors better.
    Glad y'all enjoyed the little tutorial!


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