Friday, January 22, 2010

Books 4 & 5 of 100 in 2010

Sorry I haven't updated my reading list recently...I have finished 2 more books since the 11th. Two more from Gena Showalter I almost didn't read these as I discovered they are the 3rd and 4th books in her Alien Huntress Series. Since I am not budgeted for any new books right now, 8-( I figured what the heck! Thankfully I was able to just into these book in mid series and was still able to follow along! (I DEFINITELY want the 1st 2 though!!!)
So anyways...the first one I read was Savor Me Slowly This story is about Mishka Le'Ace and undecover agent who must rescue Jaxon (also an agent...for a different agency) or KILL him!
This book was a fabulous read...great story line, wonderful dialogue and great characters.

Next I picked up Seduce the Darkness This is Devyn's story. Devyn is a womanizer or as he prefers 'collector of women'! Oh yeah don't forget that he is the king of his people...sort of. Bride is a vampire who doesn't know how to bea vampire. Together the learn more about themselves than either ever thought possible.
Not surprisingly this was another great read. Oh probably should mention that this series takes place in the future after an Alien war nearly wiped out the planet. SO if you enjoy Sci-Fi and Romance...I would highly recommend this series!

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