Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Farewells and Fireplaces

Monday was kind of a sad day here as Lena, Lily, Nance and I said good bye to Abbie.  She's headed off for a little vacation, but will be back next month feeling better than ever!  (I actually sold my Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne Wilde doll to a wonderful gal in Minnesota, but Abbie is being reshelled onto a lovely Decadent Daydreams Ellowyne Wilde body that has nearly the same posing ability that Lena does!  She should be here sometime before Christmas!!! =D)

Abbie and I did one last photoshoot before she headed out on her trip.  This was the last shot we did and I like to think that she is contemplating her future!  :-)

I miss her already and can't wait for her to get back from her vacation!

(BTW I actually finished the PJ's!  I put tiny green buttons on the front of the top.  I used snaps inside for the actual closing though.)

Last night I made the hearth for the fireplace.  I took a piece of 1/2" think foam core board and cut it to size.  I then carved a bit off the edges to give it that chipped edge that slate so often has.  I then coated it with the paint I used for the fireplace interior.  (It's called Micaceous Iron Oxide from Golden Acrylics and it's a very thick bodied charcoal colored paint that has very fine granules of Mica in it giving it not only a slight shimmer but a light texture as well.)  After it dried I glued the fireplace to the base and weighted it down to dry.

This morning while pondering what to use for  the mantle, I noticed that the shelves in my CD cabinet were almost the perfect size. (Thankfully I had a couple extras! lol)  So I painted the raw edges and once those were dry I glued the mantle in place.  It's currently drying. :-)  I've started the next phase of my living room build by starting on the loveseat. More recycling being done here with more cardboard boxes, packing foam blocks and even some thin flexible foam sheets as padding.  No in-progress shots as well it doesn't really look like anything yet! LOL

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