Friday, November 29, 2013

Of Penpals and Presents

Hi Everyone,

It's me Lena. Mom snapped this picture of me while I was writing this blog post earlier, so I thought it would be fun to include. (sorry the pic is kinda bad, Mom used her phone instead of her camera.)

I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine... her name is Raine, and her and her mom have a blog over at April's Sea of Dolly Sweetness.  Raine is the girl that Mom made that adorable Hello Kitty outfit for last month.  And if you think I looked cute in it, you HAVE got to see Raine in it!  It's just perfect for her!

Raine and I have decided to become penpals, so every now and again she and I will write to each other through our blogs.  I do hope you'll go check out her blog!


Hi Raine,

Hope you are doing good.  I'm doing pretty good here, it's been a pj kind of day around our house.  It's been cold and windy here the last few days. What's it like at your place?  Mom says you and your Mom don't live too far from us, so maybe we can get together sometime in the Spring!

Mom went out this morning while we were all sleeping to pick up some Christmas presents.  She won't tell me what she got me, but I hope she got me something fun.  My human brothers got Nintendo 3DS's last year... that might be fun.  Or maybe Mom will get me a sewing machine, or some new books... heck I would even be happy with some new shoes! LOL  Is there anything you're hoping to get for Christmas?

Oh, well, Mom just called and asked me to come help pick out the decorations for the living room, so I better go.  Have a good night and good weekend!


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