Saturday, November 9, 2013

Took a little break fom sewing today

Since I am waiting on the zipper for the Hello Kitty hoodie, I decided to take a break from sewing today and just play with some of the things I purchased recently.

I found these fantastic cloches last week at Walmart.  They originally had little figurines of the boys from the group One Direction in them. (and I only know that because that's what the tag said! LOL) They were supposed to be key chain thing-a-ma-bobs, as there was a plastic loop attached to a key ring at the top.  The cloches stand about 2 1/4" (about 60mm) tall.  I sawed off the loop and sanded the top smooth.  I removed the little guys (who were thankfully loose inside) and then went through my Christmas miniatures.  I found a 6 pack of the snowmen figurines, but didn't want to do just those. (I only have 5 of the cloches...for now.)
I found this tiny little tree, I removed the large wooden base and created a new one from polymer clay.  I plan to decorate it with tiny beads and tiny wrapped gifts underneath. For the other ones I plan to make at least one tiny gingerbread house, and maybe a couple of even tinier glitter houses.  I promise to share the finished pieces once I get them done!

Next on my list for this weekend is a fireplace for the girls.  I found this granola bar box in the recycle bin and thought it would be the perfect height. Since I don't own a fireplace, I went searching the net for an image of a woman standing in front of a fireplace. I found this one. I think once I get a small hearth under it and a nice mantel on top it will be the perfect height. I plan to use egg cartons to create fake fieldstone... at least I think fieldstone is the right term.  I want my fireplace to look something like this one HERE.

I hope to get this done sometime within the next week, as I really want to set up a living room scene for the girls that I can decorate for Christmas!!!

(Oh btw, that is a new top Lena is wearing too.  I just used my regular t-shirt pattern, made it a little longer and cheated a bit on the neckline, but sewing a neat bit of trim over the edge rather than turning it under.)

My last bit of fun, is this neat gif I made using 2 pictures I took of an owl transfer I did on a new shirt for Lena.  I didn't realize that the image was Glow in the Dark, until I was getting ready for bed!  I just had to snap a picture!

So let's see, tomorrow I am going to sew up the shoulder bag that goes with the Hello Kitty outfit, then sew up the 4 t-shirts I have laid out and ready, sew the snaps on the red Christmas PJ set I made a few weeks ago (that I am waiting on buttons for) and also frost the 1:4 scale chocolate cupcakes I made today.  I need to decide on some kind of Christmas-y decoration for them.

Then if I get all of those things done, I'll get started on the girls fireplace!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

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