Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello November

And here we are already into the 11th month! Does any one else feel like the year has just flown by? Yesterday was Halloween and the the boys and I did our annual trek around the neighborhood for candy.  My youngest son decided to be a knight and the middle one a mad scientist.

Hunter's mad scientist costume was made using an adult white button down, that I pinned open to look like collars, then I chalked the heck out of the front to make it look like an experiment blew up.  His beaker is the bottom of a spray bottle that I topped with a soda bottle cap.  On the cap I glued some fiber-fil to look like smoke.  Donnie cut open a large glow stick and poured it inside.  It made his beaker glow really neatly all night long!  Using a TON of hairspray and half a can of white hair spray we slicked back and spiked up his hair.  Last but not least was a pair of glow in the dark glasses. :-)

Bradley's knight was a mix of hand made and store bought. We found his breastplate, gauntlets and the small shield at the Dollar Tree.  I bought him a dark grey sweatsuit and a nerf sword.  We added 2 long thin orange glow sticks to either side of the sword to make it glow.  The red cardboard shield was a prop that Hunter used several years ago in a school play he was a part of.  I adhered the small plastic shield to the center of the cardboard one to give his shield a bit more of a presence.

I know he's not smiling here, but B-man LOVED his costume, and as you can see in the next picture, really enjoyed striking a knightly pose! :-)


We walked around our entire housing area and ended up with a rather large haul of candy! :-)I look forward to baking with and nibbling on the candy for quite a while to come!

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  1. Those are great costumes! I love the idea of pouring the glowstick into the beaker. :)


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