Thursday, November 28, 2013

Leaving the kitchen and heading to the living room

For about 2 months now, I've known I wanted to decorate a scene for my 16" girls for Christmas.  I LOVE Christmas and really enjoy decorating my own house and couldn't wait to set up a room for the girls.  While I love my kitchen diorama, and have scene several lovely decorated kitchens... I wanted to do something more. I decided to do a living room scene! After I made the Trick or Treat Baskets for Halloween, I thought it would be fun to make filled stockings for Christmas!  (of which I have made absolutely zero)  But I realized that I needed somewhere to display those for shots for my shop, hence the desire for a fireplace.  I finished that yesterday morning and got started right away on the next piece of furniture...a loveseat!

 While I didn't really use a pattern for this piece, I did use some knowledge I have from using the book Dolls' House Furniture. The book is written for making 1:12th scale miniatures, but I've scaled up the patterns in it for 1:6th scale and now 1:4 scale.  Sometimes the measurements need  adjusted, but that is why I always make paper models first.  Since I've made several pieces in this style in Barbie size, I kind of just winged it with this piece.  I started off by recycling a shipping box I got earlier this year as the base.  The seats are made from some packing foam that was in a cabinet I bought.  The sides and back are made from 1/2" foam core board.  I used a combination of glue and straight pins to keep in secure.  It is now a permanent piece of 1:4 scale furniture in my stash! :-)  I added 2 matchign back pillows I sewed as well as the white one, which I bought earlier this year.  I had intended to put feet on it, but forgot to take them into account when I made the seat cushions.  So the feet would have made the loveseat way too high so I decided to sip them. *shrugs*

I packed up all the furniture from the kitchen, and started setting up the girls' living room.  I've used the wooden shelving unit I had in the kitchen again here, but this time I turned it so it is standing upright.

The tree stands 18" tall and was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I hope to start decorating it next week.  Of course there is the fireplace I made in the center of the room.  I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do with all the open wall space in the room, but I am thinking about possible a decent sized framed mirror and maybe a large wreath.  Then of course I plan on decorating the mantle and adding some Christmas decor to the shelves in the wall piece too.  My other decorating dilemma will be what to put inside the fireplace.  I have 2 options right now.... a stack of 'logs' cut from branches that are the right scale. or I could make several candles in what ever color I decide on and do something like the rooms in this LINK.

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