Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shuffling along

It's weird, but every time I finish one commission I feel the need to take a few days off and just do nothing.  After I shipped out the Christmas tree from my last post, I did just that. I read and played silly Facebook games and watched tv.  But I think it was Wednesday I decided to get back to work.  Granted I'm not really working on the things I should be working in (i.e. photographing and listing loads and loads of doll clothes) But, eh, at least I was doing something productive. LOL

This outfit here is a culmination of several different 'experiments'.  The denim skirt was actually one of the first things I ever sewed in 1:4 scale... back in like March I think. The little white clutch I made with from scraps from the shoulder bag I made for the Hello Kitty commission. I simply folded the piece in 3rds, did a blanket stitch along the sides, pinked the top edge and added a snap. (Which I then covered up with a decorative charm-thing.
The Sweater is made from a toddler's leg warmer I found at the dollar spot at Target.  The piece didn't exactly turn out like I had planned, but thankfully it turned out better! =D
 Last but certainly not least are Lena's new shoes!  I found a tutorial online for making duct tape Toms for the American Girl sized dolls.  I simply resized the technique and used some wide satin ribbon that I added adhesive to the back to create fabric 'tape'.  I still need to refine the technique, but I think they turned out really cute!  I think I'll call them Dee's!
  My most recent project has been a fireplace for the girls up-coming living room set. I have been thinking about getting this Journey Girls Ski Lodge set from Toys R Us ever since I saw it.  From the 'compaints' I saw about it being too small for AG dolls, I realized that it really would be the perfect size for the 1:4 scale girls.  And at just $40 it really is a good deal.  I was all set to have my husband pick it up for me last week, but our TRU was out of it.  So I decided to get my craftiness going and just make my own! (and since I'm saving to buy my resin Ellowyne Wilde next month, that is probably a GOOD thing! LOL) 

I found this box among the stuff waiting to go out to the recycle bin, and after a little online research, decided that it was the perfect size for a rustic fireplace.   I had to finish up a couple of commissions before I could get started on it, but Thursday I was finally ready to get going.  The first thing I did was decide how large I wanted the opening for the actual fireplace to be. Once I did that I cut an X through that area and folded back the top and side pieces.  The bottom I completely removed.  I then used another large box I bad to cut out a long strip of cardboard that would fit inside that area and glued that in place.

 Yesterday I grabbed out the stash of cardboard egg carton lids that I have been saving for months. (I wasn't sure what I was going to use them on but thanks to this AWESOME blog, I knew they were perfect for making stone effects.

I did a little research online to get some inspiration for Fieldstone Fireplaces and came up with a design I was happy with.  I have spent the last 2 days (off and on) cutting and gluing on these fake stones.  My husband oh so helpfully pointed out that the wording kind of spoils the looks. *rolling my eyes, even though I knew he was kidding*  I'm totally finished with the front and one of the sides and once I finish this post I'll go back and finish the final side.  Tomorrow I will start painting and detailing the egg cartons to hopefully make them look like stone.  God willing I won't screw up the paint job!  I plan to make a cherry wood mantle and a faux slate hearth.  I think I will paint the inside black and cut some 'logs' from from small branches from the backyard.  I hope to have the girls fireplace finished by Monday or Tuesday, so that I can get started on their furniture! A fireplace isn't much good unless you have someplace to cozy up and enjoy it! :-)


  1. Those Toms look really neat! I've seen tutorials, but hadn't thought of applying them to that size!

    The fireplace is looking really promising too; it's interesting to see the "in progress" pictures. :)

  2. Thanks Randomfish! I've seen a couple more AG doll shoe patterns, that I want to try and adjust to fit Lena. I know there are several places to buy shoes and fit her, but with Christmas coming I don't have the extra money. (and what can I say I'm cheap too! LOL)

    I'll be updating the fireplace pictures hopefully tonight!


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