Monday, November 4, 2013

Latest BJD Commission

Last month a friend asked me to recreate an outfit for her incoming Minifee for her.  The outfit to the left is the one she's asked me to make a version of.  This outfit was originally for Delilah Noir, who is about the same height as a Minifee, but a good bit slimmer, so her clothes don't always fit well on the MNFs.  She also asked me to do it in blue rather than pink. 

I've been working on it off and on for a couple of weeks now, as I had to search for the right plaid for the skirt, as well as a light blue striped knit for the sock and the lining of the hoodie.  Not to mention needing to find a hoodie pattern! LOL

Thankfully I was able to find all of the pieces I needed. I found several different plaids and this one is the one my friend chose.  I just love the bright colors!  The skirt took me a few days, as initially I traced and began cutting out the skirt pieces in the wrong fabric! LOL  I actually traced it out wrong 3 times, as the first skirt pattern I traced was too long, then when I traced out one that was the right length, I realized that I was using the wrong pattern too!  It was at that point that I realized that now I had the pattern/style right, but was using the wrong fabric! *facepalm* So eventually there will be 3 additional plaid skirts for my Minifee.

I also ended up tacking down the pleats on the skirt as it flipped out way too much.  Thankfully my friend loved that detail as well.

The pale blue lace is attached to a simple knit tube underskirt.  That way it can be interchanged later with other colors if my friends wants too.

I had originally planned to us a thicker striped, slightly darker blue knit for the stockings and hoodie lining, but the amount I had of that material was not enough to do both items.  So I went searching for another lightweight blue knit material. These are re-purposed from a pair of baby leggings.  They are subtle in photographs, but a bit more bold in person.  I think they are super cute!

Up next, I'll start on a white t-shirt which will have an adorable Hello Kitty image on it.  Once that is complete I will start on the white hooded sweatshirt.

The last thing I will create for that outfit is the shoulder bag which will also have a Hello Kitty image on it. :-)

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