Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey y'all it's Lena,

Mom's been really busy finishing up on several different projects and hasn't had time to update the blog this past week, so I figured I'd leave her virtual farm alone and come chat with everyone here!

Last week, we had our first snow of the year.  It was really pretty, I've never seen snow before.  Mom and Dad grumbled a bit, but my human brothers were super excited.  I wanted to go out and play, but Mom said she was too busy to take me, and the boys just wanted to play and wouldn't be able to keep an eye on me. (Stinks having little brothers who are so much bigger than me!) The temperatures started warming up and the snow started to disappear the next day.  I hated to act like a brat, but I really wanted to go outside and see the snow in person.  I was kind of bad and told Mom that I was going outside even if that meant I had to climb up tot he top of her work desk to get into my box of clothes for a jacket.  Well, I guess it worked because Mom set aside what she was working on to take me outside!

We bundled up nice and warm and headed out.  The snow was pretty much just in the shaded areas by that point, and my brothers said it wasn't good for much of anything any more.  But I liked it!  It was cold for sure, but so neat!  When we came inside mom ordered me a hat and a pair of mittens.  They are being hand made just for me, all the way in RUSSIA!!!  How cool is that!

Mom made us all some nice hot tea to warm us up.  The snow is now all gone, as a matter of fact it has warmed up quite a bit.  The weather has been kind of weird. But Mom promises that there WILL be more snow, and like my little brothers, I just can't wait!

The big project mom has been working on is a Barbie doll sized Christmas tree for a friend of hers.  It's coming along really nicely.

It's done in shades of purple, blue and burgundy, with gold accents.  Mom added some clear crystals to make it sparkle.

Today she added pretty gold tinsel strands and made a gold star tree topper for it.  She says she'll get some good shots tomorrow.

She still has to sew the tree skirt and wrap up some presents to go under the tree, but Mom said she plans to mail this out tomorrow.

Her next project is to make a fireplace for me and the girls.  She said that will have to be a break-time project as my human Gramma (Mom's mom) has been sewing clothes for the 18" American Girl style dolls and Mom is going to add them to her shop for Gramma. So she has to do photos for each outfit.  Oh and Mom say's she needs to photograph several outfits for me and the others girls to sell those too.  Looks like mom still doesn't have much free time, but I think she kind of likes it that way! lol

Well, I've chatted here enough for now I think.
Catch y'all later,

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