Monday, November 11, 2013

Man was I busy today!

Hi everybody, it's me Lena. Mom's busy reading blogs and tending her virtual farm..
(HEYYYY  I'm also editing YOUR pictures!!!)
Ooops, Sorry Mom, didn't realize you were reading over my shoulder.
 (mutter mutter mutter)
Any ways...where was I?  Oh yeah, Mom's working so I thought I would take over tonight's blog post.  Mom is still waiting on the buttons and zippers she ordered to get here, so she decided to take the product photos for some super cute scarves she's going to put into her shop.  I of course was drafted to be the model... (DRAFTED!!! You offered! mutter mutter mutter)

Well... um, regardless of how it happened I spent a good 2 hours trying on different scarves, tying unique knots and posing for over 100 pictures!!!  It's actually pretty cool to see how many different ways to tie a scarf!

This is one of the 10 different colorways that Mom will be offering, hopefully tomorrow.  It's called Deep in the Forest.  It's a lovely blend of Autumnal colors.  It fades from copper, to rust to a rich black.

Each scarf is 18" (45cm) long, so it's great to wrap all different ways.  This one we wrapped in a simple loop, then twirled the ends through the loop.  So chic!

We decided to call this one Peanut Butter & Jelly.  It's got 2 shades of purples that fade into a rich brown.  Sadly Mom says her camera hates purples, as we had a hard time really capturing this colorway.

This one we tied using an image we found on Pinterest . It looks kind of complicated, but it was actually pretty easy.  With the 3 colors in the scarf, this method almost looks braided!

Mom said that in tomorrow's blog post, she'll share a link for the new scarves!

Y'all have a great night!



  1. Those look like neat scarves! I hope you get to keep one... ;)

  2. Thanks Randomfish! Lena has already claimed one of each color! :-)


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