Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello Kitty set is almost DONE!

 Actually, aside from the zipper for the hoodie, the set IS done!  Today I made up the shoulder bag, as well as a few pieces of jewelry to match the outfit.  I created the shoulder bag from a strip of soft white leatherette.  I basically just folded it into uneven thirds, sewed up the sides, then sewed a diagonal strip across the bottom corners to create an rectangular base. (I just followed the instructions on this site HERE but in miniature) Once I turned it right side out I sewed a snap for closure, added a strap and embellished with a Hello Kitty image, pale blue Cat's Eye oval stone and a soft blue Swarovski crystal charm.  (Note to self, and anyone else who wants to make one of these... I highly recommend sewing on the snap that goes on the body of the bag before sewing the sides up!  It was a bit of a pain trying to sew inside the bag! LOL

And here is a close-up of the bag.  I was really surprised at how easily the leatherette sewed up!  My machine had no trouble with it at all, heck I didn't even need to put a different needle in!

Lena has already asked me to make her one (or three of these!)  I have a large quantity of this material, so I want to see if there is a way to dye it to allow me several color options without having to buy more.

*Update* What can I say, I'm easily distracted... I just tried to color a scrap of the leatherette with Sharpie markers and alcohol inks... both methods seem to work!  I'm going to let it dry over night, then I'll give them a coat of some kind of sealer and see what happens! :-)  I love experimenting!

I'm so excited for the friend that I'm making this outfit for... her first Minifee arrived today!  She actually got the same sculpt as Lena, but her girl looks totally different! :-)  It's neat how just by having a different person paint the same sculpt you get a totally unique look!

We've decided that the two girls are going to be penpals, so that should be fun!  Lena asked if I could make Raine (that's her name, isn't it pretty?) a Welcome Home present.  I of course agreed.  I grabbed out my elastic thread and box of beads, and put together these little stretchy bracelets.  I think they are so cute!!!

Our last gift to Raine, is this pretty little necklace. I used a small pale blue Swarovski crystal for the drop. (It actually matches the one on her shoulder bag, and now that I think about it, looks like of like a rain-drop... perfect for a girl names Raine! =D

I forgot to check the mail today, so I am hoping that either the buttons I ordered or the zippers will be here.  I'd like to get Raine's outfit in the mail on Tuesday!  Guess we shall see.

Since I can't do anything more on this outfit until the zipper arrives, I think tomorrow I'll start working on my next commission... a 12" tall miniature decorated Christmas tree!

Stay tuned for progress on that too!

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