Sunday, February 22, 2009

End of one week or beginning of another. :-)

Mmmm what a nice Sunday. Hubby and I went out and spent the afternoon at a local gun show. Not much for me too look at...although there were a few folks selling jewelry too. Speaking of, I am gonna make myself a magnetic bracelet. I am having some issues with my right wrist again. Before hubby and I moved to GA I had been getting sharp pains in my wrist. I think it was the beginnings of carpal tunnel. But quitting work (I worked in the office of a furniture store) and becoming SAHM really seemed to help. but now with all the sculpting I'm doing, not to mention all this typing ;-) my wrist is starting to act up again. So I picked up some magnetic beads today and will put together a bracelet this next week. I am hoping that wearing it will help aleviate some of my pain. I'm concerned that I do indeed have carpal tunnel and really don't want to have to deal with surgery.

Well back to our day. We next went and had coffee and lunch at a local cafe. Hubby had a hot white chocolate mocha, and I had an Acai berry smoothie. MMMM it was so yummy. It also had pomegranate, blackberries and some other berries too. I LOVE poms and I am quickly becoming a fan of the Acai berry. it's got this kind of rich almost chocolate-y flavor. mmmm

Then we headed off to a couple local craft stores looking for my magnetic beads. It took 2 tries, but hey i finally found them. Also...not sure if this is chain wide but our Jo-ann's had some of their Studio by Sculpey clay and tools on clearance. So I picked up a pack of clay for hubby, and a couple of the tools that I didn't have.

Came home and started some bacon for between batches, I started my newest dragon. After dinner, I got back to him and he is currently baking away in the oven. I have not yet named him, but will have pictures up sometime tomorrow.

So I hope you'll come back and visit, and meet my new dragon.

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