Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet Ipilya!

Ipilya was born last night. I envisioned a stormy dragon, but wanted to name him something other than, well, Stormy. LOL So I searched out named of mythological Storm Gods. Ipilya caught my attention as he is the Aboriginal Lizard God of Storms. Seemed fitting huh! LOL Here is a little blurb I found online about him.

"Gods from Australian Mythology...

IPILYA: Lizard God of Storms.

In a large swamp lives this enormous gecko, 100 yards long. He is responsible for thunderstorms and heavy rain. When the monsoon period is imminent he slurps up large helpings of water and sludge, which he squirts up into the sky to become thunderclouds.

With a bit of roaring to set things in motion and induce some lightning flashes, he feels he has done his bit. Then he goes back to basking quietly without being disturbed until next season.

Intruders will be severely slurped."

I couldn't help but chuckle as I read it. I even did a little but of detail painting on him...I thought it kinda reminded me of Aboriginal tattooing. I am currently working on his wing and will take more pics after they are finished.

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